Friday, September 01, 2006

221. tooting my own horn (aka shameless self-promotion)

So it turns out that one of my stories (this one) is getting published in the first issue of Ankeny Briefcase. The Briefcase is (as far as I can tell) a kind of side project of the Burnside Writer's Collective. I believe the collective is run by Donald Miller - yeah, the guy who wrote Blue Like Jazz.

And although I think it's cool to know that my little story will be out there, I'm not getting too excited about it yet because this is the Ankeny Briefcase's first issue and I have no idea what to expect - what will the printing look like, how will it be distributed, how good are the other stories, is anybody really going to read any of it? I don't know. Still, I'm thrilled to be included.


Laer said...
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Laer said...

I'm looking for folks to discuss Donald Miller. I'm part way through Blue Like Jazz. My blog is over at If you'd like to share insights, come on over.