Sunday, February 26, 2006

170. a very cool dream

I'm not one who has a lot of dreams when i sleep, and when I do I usually don't remember them. But last night I had a really short bit of a dream and it was a super cool image/idea. Thought I'd share it here (any thoughts on what it might mean Kelli?).

Here's how I remember it.

First off, there were two squares side by side, left and right. In each square it was like I was watching two different scenes from above - not directly above but at an angle, and not super high up or far away, more like looking down from a third floor balcony.

The scene in each of the squares was different but similar. The details were similar but the colors and lighting were slightly different - like looking at the same event held in two different locations.

It looked like a park. It was a large paved area. Sprouting out from the surface, there were what looked at first like turnstiles, like the kind you pass through to enter a stadium or subway. But when I looked closer, they were actually large (maybe four feet high), vintage porcelain faucets, kind of like this one
only without the spout. There were a whole bunch of them and there were people mingling among them. But these weren't real people, more like virtual people like you'd find in The Sims.

So here's the really cool part. The people start randomly gathering around these faucet turnstiles and start turning them, some clockwise, some counter clockwise. And then rain starts to fall, sometimes hard, sometimes soft. And then I realize that the strength of the downpour is directly related to the faucets that the people are turning - when more faucets are turned open, it rains harder but when more faucets are closed, the rain slows.

And then the dream ended.

Isn't that a fantastic idea? What a cool image. Would make for a great bit in a Hayao Miyazaki movie.

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