Thursday, June 26, 2008

303. new tag: christians

I have a crazy idea.

It's probably wrong.

But such is life, no?

So I'm going to put it out there anyway.

I don't know if you've noticed, but my blog has a tagging feature where posts related to a similar topic are sort of grouped together. I'm not as good as some other bloggers are with tagging my posts but I do what I can.

I'm going to start a new tag, and I'm going to call it, "christians."

Whenever I run across an article or podcast or video online that I can share, I'm going to put a link up to it on my blog and tag it with this "christian" tag.

Here's the thing.

The people whose articles I'm linking to - they might not actually be christians. I mean, they might be, but I'm not going to check. But I'm going to tag them as such anyway.

Here's why.

(And here's where I'm probably wrong, but I hope you'll see my point.)

I believe that living a life that exhibits the values and teachings of Christ is far more important than praying some so-called salvation prayer or claiming to grasp four "spiritual laws," or following the Roman Road - if such a road was so important, why is it strewn about the Bible so?1

And so when I find someone who is living in a Christ-like manner, I'm going to post them up and tag them as a christian whether they claim to be one or not.


Because I'm tired of christians who think that because they jumped through some evangelical hoops that they are somehow better and above those who didn't jump through those same hoops. I'm tired of christians who think that the hoops are the point and that once they're through that their only remaining task is to wait for death or the second coming.

Because I believe that among the primary tasks of christians who claim to follow Christ are these: reconciliation, healing and being a conduit of peace, joy, and love in a dark, dark world. I think anyone who tries to accomplish Christ-like tasks such as those are far more christian than those who just pray a prayer and feel content to leave the world as it is.

And so, here are the first two people who I am tagging as christians. And after listening and watching, let me know. What do you think. Are these christians? If they didn't claim to follow Christ, what would you call them?

Listen to this amazing story about Hal Halvorsen, aka Uncle Wiggly Wings. (Click on the "Listen Now" link just under the title of the story).

And then watch this amazing presentation by Benjamin Zander - a man who wants to bring beauty into people's lives through art - classical music to be precise...but DO NOT let that stop you from watching his presentation - you won't regret it!

(if the embedded video doesn't work, try clicking here

1 Now don't get me wrong, I do believe in orthodoxy and I don't mean to make light of tools that have been useful in leading people to Christ, but just as I wrote in my last post about how the stuff of the church can get in the way of what the church is supposed to be, I think sometimes the stuff we teach can get in the way of how we're supposed to live.


mitchell said...

"Because I'm tired of christians who think that because they jumped through some evangelical hoops that they are somehow better and above those who didn't jump through those same hoops."

Be honest, Randall. How many Christians can you name who really think this? You sound like non-believers when they make blanket generalizations about Christians but then can't back up their obnoxious claims with anything credible.

Better and above? Really? I mean, honestly: Really? You KNOW people who think they are "better and above" people who haven't gone through all the processes?

Yeah, I guess I do, too. They're all thirteen years old and don't know any better. Everyone else I know who claims be covered by the blood uses words like grace and mercy.

Who are these christians you speak of? Do you know them so well that you can accuse them of thinking themselves "better and above" unless they've actually said that's what they think? I'm calling BS, friend.

The_LoneTomato said...

One big name christian comes immediately to mind: James Dobson. Also, some of the people on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, and people like those portrayed in the movie Jesus Camp.

All that aside though, I never meant to say that "I'm tired of [all] christians." My rant was directed at a particular kind of christian, some of whom are (much) older than thirteen.

Anyway, thanks for your comment. I really do appreciate it - I need people to keep me in check and you've always been great at that.