Monday, June 09, 2008

300. great googly moogly

So I'm sure you'll be hearing tons of news stories about this in the next few days but at the latest Apple World Wide Developers's Conference, Steve Jobs highlighted a TON of new features for the next-gen iPhone.

I've never been one to get all mushy and soft when new cell phones came out. I'll admit that I did consider purchasing the first generation iPhone when it first came out but 1) budgetary restrictions and 2) the fact that I've been with Verizon since I started using a cell phone, kept me from making the switch.


This new version is making me weepy with envy and lust and want.

In particular:

1. built-in GPS
2. 3G internet connectivity
3. new design with a flush headphone jack
4. tons of amazing new 3rd party apps
5. (this one isn't iPhone specific but it's so amazing, I have to mention it) MobileMe - a way to instantly sync all my data between my phone and my laptop and my desktop. It's an additional $99 per year to subscribe (it's basically an upgrade to what used to be called .mac) but I'm game, baller!


My economic stimulus check is still in the mail (hurry up, Uncle Sam!) AND I just got a raise at work.


Apple lowered the price of the new iPhone to $199!


While Verizon has been nice to me, and I've never really had a problem with their service, their phones are butt fugly. Particularly their smart(ish) phones.

So when the latest, greatest iPhone hits the shelves sometime next month, there's a pretty good chance I'll be in line to pick one up.

Bye, bye, Verizon.


Deanne said...

OMG!! I just put that on my gtalk status. I'm dying! Soon, we will have matching phones, and yes - I hope apple takes over the world. :)

lindaK said...

you make them sound so sexy...i might have to cave in.