Monday, June 02, 2008

299. silent all these months

Where have I been?

Two big items on my relatively small plate have left no room for blogging these past few months.

1. My band's new CD.

2. And a Speed-dating fundraiser that I helped plan and put together (and participated in).

Although most of the really hard work for both those projects is done, there's still a bit of work left to be done before I can completely sign off on them and put them behind me.

In addition to these large items, there have been a bunch of smaller things that have also been taking up my energy and my time.

a. About a month ago I put together a training seminar for people interested in learning about how to run sound at my church.

b. In addition to putting on this training seminar, I've been a part of a Worship Advisory Council (yeah, we're the whack) that has been trying to wrestle with questions regarding how we help facilitate worship on Sundays. know, written out like that, that doesn't seem like much but please believe me when I say that writing is one of the things that I love to do most in life. It makes me feel special, it makes me feel whole, it makes me feel as if I'm truly using the gifts God has given me to make this world a better place - a world more like Eden and less like Babylon. Those four things (and a few others) have kept me from this thing I love - writing - and to you, my readers, I apologize.

But I'm back.

Very soon, I'll have the time once again to spill my guts, to rant and rave, to posit and to ponder.

I've got lots of things I want to say about what I've learned about myself these past few months, about what I've been thinking about the Body of Christ, about...well, you know this blog, I'm always writing about whatever random thing is at the front of my mind at the time.

Here's one thing I've been thinking about lately: if I have a limited readership it's because I don't follow any of the blogging "rules." I don't stick to one topic. I don't post consistently enough. I don't update my blogroll enough. I'm too silly and sloppy to be taken seriously by the really brainy part of the blogosphere and I'm too psuedo-intellectual for the casually surfing crowd. I don't post often enough and when I do, I write too much.

Anyway, thanks for being patient (if you're still out there).

More to come...very soon.


rjgintrepid said...

Isn't there a book titled, "First Break All the Rules"? Who needs blogging rules anyway?

Good to see you writing again, although I also appreciate all the work you are doing for the wac.

Jessie said...

i always like reading your blogs randall!! i don't think they're too long either.