Wednesday, October 19, 2005

103. un petit miracle

So this past Sunday I tell Rodney, the worship band leader, that I'm only going to be playing with him two more Sundays. After that I'm joining up with my friend Blake (aka Clone A) to start up an old school (we're talking about early church, Book of Acts) home church. I knew this was going to be a blow to Rodney because the church had just gone to three Sunday services (up from two services) and he only has two drummers (including me).

He took the news well (what else could he do?) but I could tell he was worried. So anyway, we're going through sound check and who should walk in the door but Stan (a great drummer Rodney and I both know from another church we used to attend). I turn to look at Rodney and he has the same I-can't-believe-it's-not-butter grin on his face as I do. Turns out Stan and familiy are kinda-sorta looking for a new church.

Stan didn't make any commitments, but I think the message is that God's going to take care of his church. I mean...he's God, you know?

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