Saturday, May 02, 2009

332. ISO "inspiration"

So I don't know if you've heard, but Google is giving people a way to have some control over what shows up when people Google themselves.

Actually, I have no idea what this new Google feature is about but I signed up for it because I found out through a Lifehacker post that if you signed up for Google's new profile feature, Google would send you 25 free business cards (and that includes free shipping!).

I'm a sucker for free, especially when it's something as geeky as this.

Well, free isn't entirely free. In order to qualify for the free cards Google has a quota of information that you have to put in before they'll consider you worthy of free cards. One of the bits of information they ask you provide is your "superpower:" Some of the examples they give are, "flying, teleportation, eating chips and salsa." And that's just the sort of question that I can't just leave alone. I have to try and come up with something uniquely me. And so I came up with this:

My superpower:
I write really cool short stories when I'm in love. Singleness is kryptonite to my storywriting abilities...which is why I haven't written anything new in years.

Which I think is funny and me.

It's also true.

Last time I was on a story-writing kick was when I was infatuated with and chasing after a girl. Some of the details that served as seed material for some of my favorite stories (like this one) were based off of things I knew about her. And when it became clear that she didn't feel the same, the stories started to turn as well (as in this one). (And if you want to know how it "ends" - the story, not the relationship - you can read this one.)

Anyway, all that to say...

that I'm longing to write again...

...I just need some inspiration.

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