Monday, January 26, 2009

321. 25 things about me

So I got tagged on Facebook and while I usually don't respond to survey things like this, I figured this would be a fun, easy way to get myself back into blogging. I like this one because instead of replying to a bunch of random questions like, "who was the last person you kissed?" all I have to do is list 25 random things about myself.

And so, 25 things about me.

  1. My nose is really sore right now because I'm just getting over a cold.
  2. Eating Spam reminds me of home (Hawaii).
  3. I get my best reading done while sitting on the toilet.
  4. The first secular rock concert I went to was Motley Crue.
  5. I can't remember the first concert I ever went to because it was a forgettable Christian artist. I do remember that whoever it was didn't bring a band. They just sang to pre-recorded tracks. Basically glorified (no pun) karaoke.
  6. I've never had a girlfriend.
  7. I'm horrible with remembering names.
  8. I snore like a banshee. I probably need to get tested for sleep apnea but that'll have to wait until I get better health insurance.
  9. I don't mind drinking horrible coffee but I can't stand poorly pulled espresso drinks. I heart Vivace.
  10. All of my knowledge and experience with running and recording sound can be traced back to the simple question, "what does that knob do?"
  11. I once saw three movies in two different theaters in one day.
  12. I obsessively check the bicycle listings on craigslist even though I don't have any money to buy anything right now.
  13. I heard the Honolulu Symphony play Beethoven's 9th while seated in the front row.
  14. I'm a little over half way through this list and I'm already having a hard time coming up with things to share.
  15. I suck at chess but I like playing online. My Yahoo chess rating wavers between the high 1100s and the low 1200s which is basically at the bottom of the food chain.
  16. I honed my typing skills on the old Hawaii chat room, Saimin.
  17. I'm a procrastinator. I usually make my New Year's Resolutions around February.
  18. I want to eat at White Castle before I die. Not because I think they're going to be all that tasty, it's because the Beastie Boys rap about them.
  19. Twilight is my favorite time of day.
  20. Spring is my favorite time of year.
  21. I hate roller-coasters.
  22. I want to learn to fly someday.
  23. I don't like wearing sweaters. I bought a few when I first moved up to Seattle but gave them all away.
  24. Raymond Carver is my favorite author.
  25. I got a small fiction piece published in a literary journal associated with Donald Miller. The journal was called the Ankeny Briefcase and only came out with one issue.

More posts to come.


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Autosmiler said...

Somehow that list reminded me of having read that you put toothpaste on your teeth before brushing it. I actually asked my dentist friend about that during Christmas/New Year's break! She said that's fine, because the important thing is the friction with your toothbrush when you do use it. :-) (cue music) The more you know.