Friday, February 22, 2008

293. living in sin

Well, I suppose this comes as no surprise to regular readers (and perhaps to irregular readers as well), but the Tomato Stand is taking a leave of absence.

Main reason: I'm just too busy.


1. This month there've been four visitors from Hawaii in town and there's a couple more on the way. Entertaining, while supremely fun, is also time consuming.

2. My band is recording new material for an EP that we hope to take with us when we go on tour in the summer so that's eating up a bunch of my time.

3. I love my new job but the commute is KILLER. It's at least one hour, one way which means even if I drive (I try to bus whenever I can), the commute to work takes a two hour bite out of my day.

I believe there are other time sinks that I may not be aware of. I suppose it may be time to man up and start ordering and structuring my life more. At the very least I'd be able to see where all my free time is draining away to.

Honestly, I hate not having time to write. One, because I love writing, two because I know I'm disappointing readers (all three of you), and three because, frankly, it feels like I'm living in sin.

See, sin is not just doing things you know are wrong (sins of commission), it also has to with not doing things you ought to be doing (sins of omission). As inconsistently and as clumsily as I do it, I believe that writing is a gift that God has given me and for me not to exercise it is sin. I honestly do feel that badly about it.

Be that as it may though, I am going to be taking a break. I hope to be back at blogging by the end of March, hopefully sooner.

Pray for me, a sinner.


Anonymous said...

i want a refund.

Anonymous said...

you could always compose more of your awesome posts and type while on your hourlong bus commute?
will just have to patiently wait til end of march, i guess...