Thursday, January 03, 2008

288. just a couple little links...

Last week's post took a lot out of me. I deserve a break.

Oh, and in the comments section, of my pastor's blog, he said some nice things about my blog then (not so) subtly said I write too much, likening my posts to "novels."

It's all good because I know I ramble on and on. When I write, I make it up as I go along - I seldom (if ever) have what I'm going to say planned out. Words spill onto the page and while I try and do some minor editing (thanks for pointing out that spelling error, Nate), I pretty much just leave posts as I originally wrote them.

When I go back and read my old posts, it's obvious there's a lot of fat that could be trimmed but by that time, I'm sure nobody's reading those old entries so tinkering with them would be of no practical use.

So to give myself a break (and to keep this post to short-story length), let me just share a link to one of the funniest, most interesting blogs I've seen in a long time:

Local Girl's day in pictures

And if you haven't seen it already, Blogger has a feature called Blogger Play where (as I understand it) it takes photos that have been uploaded to Blogger blogs and places them randomly into a never-ending slideshow. It's hypnotic and fascinating. It's kind of like people watching but on a global scale.


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