Wednesday, September 14, 2005

83. spoke too soon

Okay, so about the blind date thing (see blog 82), I spoke too soon. Turns out it's going down this Sunday night. Funny thing is (and I doubt she reads this blog...but if she does I'm in big trouble) in order to make the whole night run smoother, my friend who's setting this whole thing up is bringing along another girl. Turns out this girl and I have a lot more in common than the girl he's setting up the blind date with. So why not set me up with this other girl instead? I don't know, but we may have a Harry Met Sally situation on our hands (you know, the bit at the beginning where they switch dates).

Anyway, another thing that's interesting about the timing of this blind date thing is the fact that I've kinda, sorta decided to give up on the whole relationship business. I mean I'm sick of it. It's stupid and I never know how to make it work and all it does is bring me grief. It's just not worth it and so I'm giving up, throwing in the towel, cutting my losses, scuttling the ship.

Of course I've tried this before, but I figure it's like smoking. Maybe you didn't quit the first time but that's no reason to stop trying.

And I never though of it until just now, but that smoking analogy works rather well. I don't smoke much (a few every couple months, maybe) so when I do, there's a pretty instant buzz (btw, I'm talking about cloves here, not any kind of illegal herbs okay?) but after that, I'm left with less energy - I feel sluggish and unmotivated. Same when I'm checking out some woman. There's a buzz about the chase and the possibilities but then when it doesn't work out, I feel sluggish and unmotivated.

Difference is, women don't give you cancer. Think that's a good thing? Nope. It leads to depression and stress and that leads to other health problems. And there's no chemotherapy for a broken heart.

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