Sunday, July 17, 2005

48. feed a starving artist's ego

(blogger note...this entry came from my mirror blog site at MySpace. Some of the features I wrote about don't apply here at

When I click on my blog, I see this table letting me know how many people have viewed my blog. Last week, according to this table, this humble blog of mine was viewed upwards of sixty times (I don't know if it counts repeat visits to the same blog). Which makes me really curious (and kind of humbled too) - who are all these people?

Just FYI, if you like this blog and would like updates as to when new posts are made, you can subscribe to the blog (just look on the left-hand side of the page under my little eye-glasses-in-the-sun picture and click on the link marked, "subscribe" - you can "unsubscribe" if I start pissing you off or start writing crazy-talk).

Also, here's an open invitation to message me (or leave a comment on this entry) with any thoughts about...anything - topics you'd like to see me tackle, editorial suggestions (like clean up your fucking language, asshole!), or any other forms of constructive (or destructive) criticism (like stop using so many parenthetical asides).

Lastly, thank you all for reading. Writing is one of God's many gifts given to me to be shared with others. Anything useful comes through his grace. Anything self-serving or superfluous (uh...kind of like this entry) comes from my fallen nature.

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