Friday, November 07, 2008

313. and now, for your viewing pleasure

I've never been a big fan of Halloween. It has nothing to do with Christian protests against the holiday. If anything, I think my ambivalence towards Halloween has to do with the fact that I spent YEARS trying to figure out who I was (some of that wrestling documented in this very blog) and so the thought of trying to be someone/something else, even for just a day, had zero appeal for me.

Anyway, I'm reasonably more sure about myself and so I wonder if that's why I chose to dress up this year.

Some friends of mine got an invitation to a "versus" Halloween party. The idea was to come dressed up in pairs or teams that symbolized some kind of versus theme. Some of the suggestions were: rock vs paper vs scissors or Eagle vs Shark or red vs blue.

My roommate and I came up with Boxers vs Briefs.

On a deeper level, we were actually representing Free Will (boxers) vs Determinism (briefs).

And now, for your viewing pleasure:



rjgintrepid said...

Hey there Boxer Man-you'll have to more fully explain the theological implications of boxers to us sometime.

I understand what you mean about the identity issue-although I think I took an opposite tack for awhile and was interested in acting and performing. Easier to be someone else than try to figure out who you really are. Not that I ever dresssed up for Halloween either-but from the aforementioned anti-devil's-holiday reason.

Autosmiler said...

LOL! Man, i miss you guys!

That completely explains the reference you made in Reb's post about the elections in her blog. It even explains her ::ahem:: Freudian slip of only mentioning "Briefs Man" ...