Tuesday, October 17, 2006

232. likes and dislikes

Things I like and don't like about life in Seattle (in no particular order).

Like my roommates. Jenn's cooking is excellent, Martin buys beer, and we all get along swimmingly.

I like all the culture and art and music here. Last week I attended a book reading and last night I bought tickets to see Shawn Colvin at the Moore Theatre. Lots to see and hear around here.

I don't like not having my drum set. I finally went out and bought some drum sticks and a practice pad so I can try and keep my chops up, but nothing compares to the sheer physical joy of banging away on actual drums and cymbals.

I LOVE not having a television. I've gotten so much reading done since I've been here (and it should also be a big help next month while I work on my NaNo - see blog 231).

One thing I don't like about not having a TV is not knowing what's happening on Project Runway...can anybody fill me in? I'm so bummed I missed the reunion episode and I can't believe I'm going to miss the season finale! (And for the record, I want Laura to win but I think Michael will take it.)

I don't love not having a car. Even though I like the Seattle bus system, it's still a pain to be tethered to its routes.

I actually like the weather. From what I hear, it's been unusually sunny these past couple weeks. This past weekend was the first time I actually saw rain.

I don't mind the cold. It's been swinging from the 40s to the 60s and I see myself buying some new jackets soon, but if I had to choose between being too cold or too hot, I prefer too cold.

I don't like not knowing where everything is. I always feel lost. I had a job interview today and (stupid me) I only checked on the busses I needed to take to get there. I forgot to plan for the ride back. I suppose I could have just taken the same busses going back the other way, but one of them was an express route and they don't come as often. So I started walking in the general direction that I guessed home was but I soon had to admit that I had no idea where I was. Luckily I walked right by a public library where I was able to get on-line and get the bus route back home.

I love that Seattle is a bicycle-friendly town. Don't tell my parents, but if I get the job I just interviewed for today (the job I really want), I'm going to buy a bike because the job is only three or four miles away. I already know which bike I want to get. It's going to be so cool to be on the road again...I forgot how much I loved riding bikes until I rode down to the store with Blake one afternoon before house church. Even though the bikes were just cruisers (and one of them had a badly warped tire), I had a blast.

Overall, I'm having a ball. No regrets whatsoever...so far.

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Van said...

The Library system is just amazing, check it out when you get bored.