Tuesday, August 23, 2005

70. love languages illiterate

So maybe you've heard of the book The Five Love Languages by Gary Chatman. I've thought about picking it up...but here's the thing. Me reading a book about love languages is like a blind person reading a book on color theory. I have no frame of reference with which to know what my love language might be. How can I know? The closest I've come to love is empty, paper infatuation. And even if I did know, what good would that do me - knowing my language but not being able to speak it or have it spoken to me?

Sometimes I think love is a sick joke. I imagine angels and demons wagering on the outcome of relationships like gamblers at a horse race or a dog fight. It's amazing the daggers we'll swallow and the poison we'll pour through our veins, all for a taste of Eden - that glorious day when Adam met Eve.

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